The world's largest special valve was born


      After two years of planning, development, and persistence, a special team composed of experts McDermott and a leading valve manufacturer cooperation, to create the world's largest forging special valve body, valve industry pioneered the precedent. This valve is dedicated to INPEX operating Ichthys liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
      McDermott senior project director Jonathan Parkes said: "will be installed in western Australia state Ichthys Ichthys project of offshore oilfield umbilical cord pipe, vertical pipe and pipeline infrastructure, request to the riser base connected to 42 inches gas export pipeline diameter, the export pipeline of liquefied natural gas processing plant to the shore. That means specially design and manufacture of six 42 inches diameter of valve, 40 years to meet the design standards. As far as we know, this batch of the valve is one of the world's largest piece forging jacket type ball valve."
      Each valve is about 9 meters long, about 7 meters high, weighing more than 100 tons. The first valve has successfully built and tested. The second valve is currently under factory acceptance testing, is expected to be completed in September. All six of the valve after testing by the factory, two of the valves will be installed in the 270 meters deep offshore waters, the other four valves will be installed on the bank, one of the block valve installed on the landing, the other three installed in Bladin Point factory.

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