The achievements of nuclear power, aerospace, high-speed and valve is closely linked

Nuclear power project

China nuclear industry group is the main part of the national nuclear science, technology and industry, has a complete system of nuclear science, technology and industry, is the core of the national strategic power and the main force of national development of nuclear power and nuclear power construction. Recently, the nuclear group in fuqing nuclear power units 3 5 sets of the successful completion of the main steam isolation valves factory test, marked the our country has the ability to the development of the third generation of nuclear power technology important valve.
"Hualong, another key equipment to realize localization
After "hualong, key equipment after the first made in China to achieve pressure container," hualong "number one is a key equipment to realize localization. On April 13, nuclear group in fuqing nuclear power units 3 5 sets of main steam isolation valve factory test successful completion, with delivery conditions in advance, this symbolized our country possess the ability to the development of the third generation of nuclear power technology important valve, as the world's first "hualong one smooth construction units, and create hualong beautiful card to lay a solid foundation.
Secondary circuit of main steam isolation valve is a nuclear power plant main steam piping is the most important security barrier, belongs to the nuclear power plant major key equipment, its localization of "hualong number one" demonstration project construction and the "going out" is essential, will further improve its safety, economy and market competitiveness.
For a long time, the nuclear group in accordance with the "independent design, independent manufacture, construction, operation" principle, constantly improve the "hualong, equipment localization rate. Because of "hualong, higher security, to bring greater challenge, the main steam isolation valve localization of nuclear group China nuclear power engineering Co., Ltd. Hand in hand SUFA Technology Industry Co., Ltd., CNNC. Since the equipment design and manufacturing, has overcome the main steam isolation valve design, procurement and so on many technical difficulties, finally finished ahead of equipment manufacturing and factory acceptance, win good beginning for nuclear key delivery valve.

Space programme
As the "heaven ii" mission accomplished, "heaven ii" the companies have also take off behind the mysterious veil, walk into people's field of vision. Under China aerospace science and industry group (hereinafter referred to as the "aerospace") of henan aerospace corporation, with its great strength, particularly conspicuous.
Henan aerospace corporation is the only company specializing in aerospace science and industry group hydraulic pneumatic products, including the valve, the design, production of professional manufacturers, the development of military and civilian use of high-end hydraulic pneumatic valve, hydraulic pneumatic piping and fittings, hydraulic pneumatic system equipment, pipeline valves four types of products. In the mission of "heaven ii", henan aerospace corporation and bear the shenzhou 11 tiangong number two thermal control system, the shuttle and space station docking system, nine varieties, more than 460 sets of valve product development, the production tasks.
As the shuttle valve is an important component, such as, in relation to flight safety, the successful completion of all aspects. Different valve under different tasks in space missions, and henan aerospace corporation as a experienced "veteran" enterprise, its research and development of a series of products for a variety of missile weapon system, military aircraft, spacecraft "shenzhou" series, "chang e" series of key national aerospace engineering facilities, such as in domestic hydraulic pneumatic valve industry occupies a unique place and have technical advantages.

High-speed rail project
China aerospace science and industry in henan aerospace industry corporation, 695 for four kinds of high-speed valve high scores by 97.3 points through Beijing's high-tech railway electrical technology co., LTD. Review. At this point, the factory developed for high-speed trains solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve products such as technical level has reached the level of similar foreign products.
As the China aerospace science and industry group company is the only company specializing in valve production of military industrial enterprises, 695 factory relying on its own for more than 20 years engaged in aerospace technology, which is formed by the special valve design and other core technology advantages, strive to build a high professional and technical, business ability of research and development team.
On the basis of independent innovation, the factory continuously introduce the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, from design, technology, raw materials, production, manufacturing, testing, testing, after-sales service on the development of the breakthrough unceasingly, on the way of high-speed train special valve localization of the step of key.
Replace imported high-speed rail to try
Solenoid valve is a high-speed train by the electric control system of the pilot valve, thus attaining the goal of control circuit.
695 factory in the domestic high-speed train assembly on France's alstom breakdown maintenance of the solenoid valve products and see the product's market prospect. In January 2010, the factory set up high-speed train project dedicated valve, began to 4 kinds of high-speed dedicated valve, including a solenoid valve, two kinds of electromagnet and a voltage regulator is developed.
The team go bold "core technology of the original innovation, integrated innovation and large-scale promotion", the research and development of project development and prototype production.
In the process of development, the project team in accordance with the potential supplier qualification audit submitted file list, supplier grading evaluation form, supplier evaluation questionnaire, targeted planning, twice the allocation of resources to the factory and elaborate the internal review of the quality management system operation, to find the unqualified item of serious rectification, and before the second party audit will be submitted to the ministry of railways product quality supervision and inspection center locomotive vehicle inspection appraisal experiment was carried out.
Identification results show that the product performance meet the requirements of the technical agreement, can replace imported products. At present, the customer has agreed to approved products for loading test.
The new electromagnetic valve innovations
695 factory developed for high-speed trains solenoid valve, plant is the first shoot well-formed structure, two three-pass solenoid valve, has many technical innovations.
On craft, to change the import products on the metal seat of hot-pressing fluorine plastic traditional process, the switch to seal on rubber material, completely eliminate the leakage of the import products on the sealing; In the main valve and the valve's structure was improved, reducing the response time, improve the reaction velocity of electromagnetic valve.
In addition, the project team based on past of domestic high-speed train assembly of France's alstom product solenoid valve fault repair experience, work on the new electromagnetic valve independently increases the air gap. So, based on the adjustment of the response time requirements, solenoid valve no longer need to get the repair of origin, need adjustment on the locomotive work air gap, not only saves time, but also greatly reduces the cost of repair.
In appearance, the team also has been improved, increased the handsome sex products.
At present, developed for high-speed train 695 factory solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve, and other products have the potential of replace imported products, at the same time developed for high-speed train form a complete set of valve, manufacture and test ability have also been tested.
This a series of technical reserves and work to make the factory next be replace domestic supplier for the high iron valve inlet with confidence.

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