The change of oil and gas industry market the influence of the valve

Although one hundred to oil and gas development and transmission of valve product scope basically unchanged, but the valve manufacturers have been constantly updated valve technology, actively respond to the oil and gas industry market changes. If you want to stay ahead in the market or not, the valve manufacturers are constantly updated valve design, manufacturing, service and sales of technology and process. The fact is that oil companies more and more to the requirement of valve manufacturers: on the basis of provide reasonable price, advanced valve manufacturers must be good at deal with the problem of oil companies face in the working environment more bad, environmental requirements more stringent cases, extending the performance of the valve products, provide more service ability.

(1) the metal seal world market rapid growth in demand for oil, natural gas, development of crude oil also visited in every corner of the earth, the extraction of crude puts forward new requirements on the equipment. For example, ultra deep well technology to put forward the challenges of ultra-low temperature and ultra-high pressure equipment. Extra-heavy crude extract is profitable optional projects, especially in the crude oil reaches $30 a barrel. Now, high concentrations of asphaltene and other impurities transmission and processing of crude oil caused difficulties. Pipelines with soft seal ball valves are not usually adapt the demand of working condition, which requires developing metal sealing ball valve valve manufacturers, and can adapt to the change of temperature, pressure, even in the solid medium (hydroxide, coke, etc.) is to ensure the absolute seal. The metal sealing technology thanks to the development of surface coating technology. Valve manufacturers want to use this technology to keep the market leading position, and the spraying technology on the development strategy, cooperation and research institute, university, they hope to develop the next generation "of hard coating.

(2) the "explosive decompression" in 2002, the American petroleum institute API 6 d standard requirements: design pressure is higher than the ASME Class 600 grades of valve product must design the explosive decompression. Explosive decompression refers to the pressure inside the valve drops rapidly, because of the role of high-pressure penetration CO 2 in the seal because of pressure to reduce the rapid expansion, caused in the process of valve closing seal skins and fracture, leading to the valve failure phenomenon. An oil company in deep-sea platform for the first time found the phenomenon of explosion pressure relief valve, the valve failure after the company had to suspend operation for several weeks to replace the valve, the losses. Since then, oil companies require valve manufacturers to provide high pressure valves must be with the "explosive decompression" configuration. Soon, valve manufacturers to respond quickly, against "explosive decompression" seal and developed "explosive pressure relief valve" to cope with the harsh environmental requirements.
(3) the corrosion of the sour crude higher crude oil prices make refining companies focus on the sour crude, profitable investment in the development of sulfur-containing crude oil market, in the long-term supply contract price competitive advantage. But sulfur corrosion media such as crude oil containing H 2 S, puts forward new challenge on equipment corrosion resistance. Valve manufacturers can provide ISO15156 regulations permit material, also can provide the test (according to provisions of ISO15156) data to prove the valve material corrosion resistance and long service life, the end user to these valves manufacturer corrosion resistant valve supplier list.
(4) the runaway sexual discharge ISO15848 specifies the valve runaway sexual design requirements, manufacturers to redesign the ordinary packing, sealing valve and special valve is arranged to update the standard. But the new standard is too general, too strict, so there are a lot of oil companies has established its own emissions standards, such as many north American companies with reference to the provisions of the API standard 622. Standard of runaway sexual discharge valve to the valve manufacturers, users, standard for tripartite cooperation, learn from each other experience, three parties together to solve.
(5) early fatigue wear and equipment for the pursuit of economic interests, many refineries are overload operation. As a result, the endless capacity of production equipment and systems. Companies expect of equipment well beyond the original intention of design, which requires the valve manufacturer for a rainy day, take the initiative to participate in the various work of the user, to avoid unreasonable production process design for reliability, life and safety valve. For example, the application in thermodynamic cycle system of valve parts caused by thermal fatigue, with industrial process experience valve makers will arrange valve, reduce the possibility of a problem.
(6) preventive maintenance oil companies in order to ensure production, arrange the equipment maintenance cycle. As the valve test system, the development of electronic hardware, software, and the preventive maintenance of valves have been by an intelligent concept into reality. A small part of the master the automatic control valve manufacturers provide data analysis system, quantitative valve operation process, provide preventive maintenance time of valve.

 (7) automatic actuator refining process automation is the trend of The Times, the intermediate control technology has been developing for a long time. Valve manufacturers automatically installed on the valve actuators to achieve automatic control production requirements. Automatic actuator technology gets great development. On the other hand, the production of the actuator manufacturers also provide installation actuator valve products. So the actuator with the trend of integration of single valve manufacturers formed the challenge, after all the user wants to find a company to solve the problem easier and avoid stalling phenomenon.
Pipeline ball valve

(8) natural gas transportation pipeline engineering for valve is a very large and potential market. Monitoring of long distance pipeline is very important. Some companies have developed intelligent device, the user can be used for on line detection. Such as "smart pig" technology. The robot can detect wall thickness and even corrosion. But have size request for pipeline detection equipment, so the size ball valve has become the product of choice for long distance pipeline company. Long distance pipeline, on the other hand, requires the valve wall thickness thin, as far as possible the valve material has a high yield of toughness and corrosion resistance, to adapt to the pipeline scaling, steering, the requirement of regional environment change. The most important point is that of long distance pipeline managers require to buy valve life must be longer than the life of the pipeline itself.

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