Application and development of ceramic valves

Ceramics are characterized by heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, small deformation at high temperature and high sealing surface precision. In recent years, a variety of ceramic materials have been used in valve manufacturing. Ceramic valves generally use ceramic entirely for flow-through parts, or ceramic for important parts (such as ball bodies of ball valves) , and ceramic lining for other parts (such as shells) , or ceramic coating on metal, etc. . Ceramic Valve Application 1 ceramic ball valve, containing a solid material of corrosive fluid or high-temperature fluid flow control valve or shut-off valve can be used, according to the use can choose over-flow components are all ceramic, or select only the important parts of the ceramic spray. Ceramic Ball valve structure, if the ball valve channel from a round hole into a triangular hole, flow characteristics approximately equal to a percentage, so when installed with valve positioner, can be used as a regulator. Triangular holes such as the Vertex made into angle, then the range of change is large, as a control valve is very ideal. However, if the corner does not die rounded corners, it will cause stress concentration, easy to crack, so, although made into rounded corners, control valve regulation performance slightly reduced, but still to make rounded corners shape. At this point, the flow velocity of the flow through the control valve is also increased, and intensified corrosion and wear, so it is more important to use and play the characteristics of ceramics. 2 Ceramic Gate Valve, in coal gasification equipment, high-temperature and high-pressure gas containing coal and ash powder in the hard particles of corrosive gas flow, in this very harsh conditions using ceramic gate valve is necessary. In the past, the valve made of metal can not meet the application requirement by overlaying cobalt-chromium-tungsten carbide on the sealing surface. Metal is now used on the high-temperature pressure-resistant parts of the housing, while ceramics are used on the sealing parts. As a result of the development of a unique structure to prevent micro-powder scratch the service life of the valve greatly increased. Ceramic Diaphragm Valve, the valve structure is very simple, the contact medium part by the ceramic valve body and Teflon Diaphragm composition. Ceramic seat surface after precision grinding and polishing, by the diaphragm completely pressure joint, will not leak. As a supporting material for the rubber lining, use fluoro rubber. The passage of the ceramic valve body, the surface is smooth, the friction with the medium is very small. Ceramic Plug Valve, ceramic plug valve by the ceramic body and the composition of the cock, sealing components using teflon, is a small flow resistance through the valve. The contact medium part of the valve is a single ceramic part plus lining, which can not be deformed in high temperature and high vacuum and by the action of permeable liquid medicine. The seat position produces the necessary sealing pressure due to the wedging force of the ceramic cock. With the development of ceramic valve, both domestic and foreign valve manufacturing industry and scientific research institutions attach great importance to the research and development of ceramics. In the future, the performance of ceramics will be more and more high, will become a valve manufacturing of economic materials. For users, the Brittleness of ceramics is still a defect, although the advantages of ceramics have a good understanding, but in the actual use is not at ease. In the future, the strength analysis of ceramic parts and the damage probability calculation system should be established, and the high reliability ceramic valves produced should be developed, it is still an important research topic for valve scientists and technicians.

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